Thursday, May 23, 2013

Time to Separate the Men from the Boys

Or the summer shoes from the winter shoes...  Yes it's that time of year where one must change out the winter & fall wear for the spring & summer.  I guess I am a little late in doing the switch, but I was procrastinating.  However, the heat around here will let me procrastinate no longer!  (I needed my summa pj's- big time!)  It's also that time of year that I take a big ole haul to Good Will, though I always have a hard time deciding who is going to make the cut?  Who stays and who goes?  I will admit there are some flip flops that should've left ages ago, but the memories attached to them are too dear to my heart.  Those babies won't be leaving until they have no souls left!!!  Pardon me, soles left.  Ahem.

Shoe Gluttony at it's worst

I don't know why I attribute feelings to each pair, like they would be sad to leave my closet.  Perchance I can blame it on too many viewings of The Brave Little Toaster during my formative years?

Okay, off to bed you guys!  Sleep tight.  (and stick me in the looney tunes bin)

Do you guys personify anything?  Or hold an article of clothing as a memento?  


  1. Good luck with that! I try to clean out my shoe closet once and year and I end up sitting on the floor just staring at them (kinda like what you're doing now in the pic, except more sad, less confused). Lol! It's hard to part with such lovies. I get it... :)

    1. Haha, I think that's all I was looking for with this post! A little camaraderie! Thanks lovely!!! Thanks for getting it!

  2. too bad Chelsey something has to go

    pat patti

    1. Nooooooooooooo! Haha, I know, I am sending some away.