Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hey- I heard you were a Wild One!!!

Meow!  Below, next to me is my good friend Brittney.  It was her Birthday- can you guess the theme?

I know you're thinking, "Chelsey, you're not wearing animal print?"  But look closely.

Because I so am!

 I snuck in my fave cheetah print high heels and I was good to go!   Animal print party!

Heels: Express 

Oh and check out the birthday girl's dress!  

Sometimes a little animal goes a long way.  

Monday, July 29, 2013

Loving the Louvre

Visiting le Musée du Louvre was truly a spectacular day!  We fought the masses to get our picture taken in front of the Mona Lisa.  It could be comparable to a celebrity siting! The energy in the air was electric!  (And yes she is smaller in person)  The Louvre itself is one of the worlds largest museums; it is said that it could take a person three days to walk through every exhibit and they still wouldn't have seen it all.  So rather than camp out in the Louvre we saw what we needed to see and then spent some time on the outside relaxing by the fountains and enjoying people watching.  That was a hot day!  Or a regular day in Nashville.  My Street Style in Paris.  Linking up with IFB project #113.

Venus de Milo

We also waltzed through a bustling french farmers market, and purchased some tasty crepe's and sandwiches.  Though I must say the strawberries in Paris were one of the culinary highlights of the trip!  I've never had such succulent, naturally sweet berries.  Each one was a like a little bite of heaven.  Why oh why don't we have those here in the U.S.?  I can't even imagine how good it would be if I were to make these Strawberry Cupcakes, out of those strawberries!  Not to mention how many boys it would bring to my yard!  ;)

Neon Tee: Target, Skirt: Forever 21 (similar), Sandals: Clarks (Out of Stock)

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Bees Knees!

I actually use this phrasing, or at least consider it in my head more than one would think.  But the rhyming is so excellent, how can you not?  It's either that or I was a 1920's flapper girl in another life and the lingo is still stuck in my head.  Either way it applies to our weekend home in WI where we got to visit a close friend of ours, Scott and his newly beegun bee colony.  (See what I did there, beegun.)  Ok, I'll stop now.

 Scott was so kind as to give me what I deemed as the most important but also the most fun job of smoking out the bees!  
The smoke acts as a blocker between bee communication so that they remain calm as we invade their home.  Drunk bees.  

 Searching for the Queen Bee!

This was actually heavier than you might think, and I had to be oh so gentle with it so that I wouldn't smush one of the precious honey bees.  
(But then I accidentally did.  Sorry Scott)

See the bee's proboscis licking up the sugar water?

Scott the bee keeper, Ian the photographer, David the husband.

A special thanks to Scott for the bee education and the experience.  As previously discussed I can now cross this off of my not yet existent bucket list.  Also a special thanks to Ian Roberts Photography.  Yours looked way better than mine.  ;)    

Between controlling the smoke can, killing possibly threatening larvae, chewing wax, and the eminent threat of bee aggression this truly was "the bees knees!" (the concentrated goodness to be found around a bee's knee)  I like it! 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Patterns at Versailles

On our recent trip to France we stopped at the Palace of Versailles.  It was breathtakingly beautiful.  I couldn't imagine living in such an ornately painted/ extraordinary space.  It would be overwhelming.  I am extremely interested in the history of Marie Antoinette, so to go to her home and see where history took place was a wonderful experience.

Maxi dress: Target

The Hall of Mirrors

Must've been blue day, glad I got the memo.

Marie Antoinette's Bedroom


What beautiful places do you want to visit?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

15 Shades of Sephora Giveaway

15 Shades of Sephora Giveaway

Coconut lick worthy lipstick has me dreaming of the beach. I feel it is a perfect time to giveaway 15 Shades of Sephora. Enjoy from LeChateauDesFleurs:
15 Shades of Sephora 
What it is:
A collector’s edition of iconic lip colors spanning 15 years.

What it does:
This lip library includes everything from rich reds to natural nudes all in Bite’s lick-worthy Lush Fruit Lip Gloss formulation. Instant nutrition for lips, this formula contains the same healthy ingredients you’d find in a pure fruit smoothie: real coconut, mango, and strawberry infused with seven nourishing fruit oils for a tropical concoction delicious enough to eat. Rich, vibrant, and juicy, this modern formula is highly pigmented—what you see in the container is the color you’ll see on your lips.

This set contains:
- 15 x 0.06 oz Lip Gloss 

Rain Shadow Labs
Rain Shadow Labs provides the highest quality wholesale cosmetics. They offer lotions, washes, cremes, candles, soaps, gels, essential oils and so much more.

I want to highlight an amazing moisturizing product this week from Rain Shadow Labs the ARH Hyaluronic Acid Serum, 98% natural/72% organic (whole foods).
Rain Shadow Labs
Hyaluronic Acid makes up fifty percent of this high quality formulation. Holding up to 1000 times its weight in water and drawing moisture out of the environment and onto the surface of your skin, there is not a more effective moisturizing agent on the world market today. Non-comedogenic, penetrates deeply, and activates collagen production for a fresher, younger, firmer, brighter complexion.

The giveaway is available for both US and International entrants.
Please see official terms and conditions in above Rafflecopter.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Show Your Colors!

4th of July week is finally here!  My husband David rates this national holiday higher than Christmas!  I love all the red, white, and blue pride that proudly decorates the streets on this day; along with my tradition of painting my nails à la independence! And of course the fireworks!  What do you have in store for the 4th?!?

The start of my 4th of July nails (unfinished for the moment)

Last year's nails

Romper: H&M, Heels: Forever 21, Red Bandana: taken from Dad

How do you celebrate the 4th?  Have your outfit picked out yet?