Saturday, May 18, 2013

Brandi Carlile Concert with the Nashville Symphony Orchestra

Last night David and I ventured to the Nashville Symphony Orchestra!  We had tickets to see Brandi Carlile perform.  She is such a gifted singer/songwriter; her songs truly touch your heart.  During our wedding ceremony we had a talented friend, Ms. Sara, sing a rendition of "If There Was No You" (accompanied whistling by the bridesmaids, groomsmen and ourselves).  It couldn't have been more special.  Though Brandi didn't play that particular song last night, she much exceeded our expectations.  Her voice is a power house, and only magnified with a symphony behind her. 
Kudos Brandi Carlile, ya done well!!!

Tank: New York & Co., Skirt: Kensie,  Shoes: Guess, Chain necklace & bracelet: JCP (similar)

I will leave you of a performance of "If There Was No You"


  1. u 2 look great!!! gr4andma patti

  2. Great outfit, you look very pretty.

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    1. Wow! Thanks! I wrote a comment on your blog! Let me know!