Monday, October 28, 2013

Orange ya glad I didn't say Black!

Orange and black, I normally wouldn't put those colors together, purely because of the risk of coming off as too halloweenie.  Yes, I said halloweenie.  However, if there is a week for this to be done, this is it!  I actually ended up liking this combination more than I thought I would.  It might be because this wonderful blouse is more on the rust side of orange.  That's okay though, it's always fun to try new things!  So excited for Halloween this week, finally decided what our costumes are going to be.  Stay tuned for the reveal!  :)

Hat: Gap (similar) // Blouse: Jennifer Lopez  //  Skinnies: Target // Heels: Express

 Chain Bracelet: JCP (similar) // Gold Cuffs: Bip and Bop

Heels: Express

Have a spooky Holiday!  

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Friday, October 25, 2013

G.O.T. Costume?

Last year after viewing the first season of my most favorite all time T.V. show Game of Thrones, David and I were inspired to take on the rolls of Daenerys Tagerian and Kahl Drogo.  We had just finished season one around Halloween time, so with the dvd as our costume aid I ventured out to JoAnn's to find fabrics that were similar to the characters'.  We then went to the Halloween Store to grab those little extras such as a blond wig and an arakh (curved sword) & pony tail.  If you'd like to recreate, I have some details down below.  Now the only question is, what shall we do this year?  I'm open to suggestions!

Instead of going the wig route for Drogo we decided to try to slick David's hair back and then attach this funny wired pony (I think it was supposed to be a horsey tail?) that we found at the Halloween store.  I attached it to his actual hair using two tiny black rubber bands.

We then had to use a lot of palmade & hairspray and a beanie to get David's hair to stay back √° la the Khal.  I attached curly black hairs we had purchased with some spirit gum for a thicker longer beard.  David actually cut a slice of his eyebrow hair with his electric razor, (I was against this, but he insisted on the authenticity) where we stragically were able to place some scars.  Added some drogo under eye eyeliner and voil√†!

Daenery's make-up is very light and natural looking.  To achieve this look I used a lighter foundation than I normally would and I put it over my brows as well.  I took a cue from my husband and also shaved the end of my brows, so that I could draw in a more straight eyebrow.  My natural ones are angled.  (I knew they would grow back, and if they didn't, well David and I could have jacked up brow hairs together)  For the sword broach holding her dress together, I used some wire and wrapped it around a metal ring I found at JoAnn Fabric's in the craft section.  I then formed some wire into a sword shape and covered it with tin foil.  For the dress I basically wrapped and sewed this pale purple fabric to my bra, and made sure to do the same design Daenery's has on the show.

Pretty close right?  Her dress is lighter in this pic than it was on the show.

Halloween Ambiance: Witchy Fingers, Zombie Books, Horsey Sliders (not really) but just going with the G.O.T. Dothraki theme.

We were considering having David be The Hound from G.O.T. this year, and I would be Arya Stark, however he has now incured a real life Drogo injury to his eye, and we will not be able to do the make-up required.  Want to see his injury that had us in the E.R. last Sunday night?....

If not- don't scroll down...........................

David's Soccer Injury

Um... yeah.  So we need something a bit easier.  What are you going to be?

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fringing Out

Sooo, after I had purchased my fave Nine West fringe booties featured here, I quickly decided as cute as they were I couldn't get away with wearing them for every day.  And I was really in the mood to be fringing out all the time.  I needed more functional fringe.  I stumbled upon these on the DSW website, and the rest was history.  Now these flat footed fringes accompany me around Nashville, for a more friendly trip to Harris Teeter.  And they are just so fun!

So bare with me here, but for this outfit I am channeling the scarecrow, and the scarecrow, I believe, is channeling Katherine Hepburn.  Two degrees of channeling- I know, this can get confusing very fast.

Flannel: Urban Outfitters (similar) // Skinny Belt: Vintage from Mom // Black Skinny Jeans: Target 
// Fringe Flats: DSW

 Doggy: Rudy (Not for sale)

Living in Color Style

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bootie-Bootie-Bootie--Bootie Everywhere

This week's Trend Spin link up theme is Boots & Booties!  I could not pass this trend up, as my favorite fringe booties are sure to be flaunting their way through many a fall post.  They gave this Urban Outfitters Pins and Needles romper that extra little kick, before strutting out the door to the premier of The Larries at the Tennessee Repertoire Theatre.  Also linking up with IFB Project #119.

Check out the beautiful beading and craftmenship on this necklace by Colleen Toland.  Perfect antique colors!  Purchased at a lovely, eclectic boutique called the Jasmin Tree in Burlington, WI.  Unfortunately, since this purchase, the Jasmin Tree has ceased to exist, but I have fond memories of that shop; my mom and I taking drives out there to pore over their hidden treasures.  Such unique pieces.    

Hair tutorial by one of my fave YouTube gurus: Dulce Candy

I love how flowy and soft this chiffon blazer is by Lauren Conrad.  Perfect for theatre going, very light.

Necklace: Colleen Toland

 Blazer: Lauren Conrad (similar) //  Pins and Needles Romper: Urban Outfitters (similar
// Rosebud Hair Clips: Forever 21

 Booties: Nine West- Boutique 9 (similar)

The Larries: Premiering at the Tennessee Rep.

I love my Larry!  Wouldn't trade him for the world!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Model Inspiration

Two weeks ago when I met V.S. Super Model Lily Aldridge here, one thing that resonated with me, besides her super sweet personality, was her completely laid back style.  Her simple, no frills, sorta rocker outfit inspired this look.  I kept it uncomplicated with no jewelry, and even wore black skinnies (in the summertime!- what!?! #SweatyBetty).  Both sweaters we wore were in the olive green family and with a loose knit so very breathable.  Lily wore a plain black tank under hers, I didn't have one so I just used this printed cut off tank instead.  Lastly, I wore some mini charcoal grey cowboy boots, but tucked the tops into the pants to make them look more like low slung booties.  Cheers to some model inspiration!

Sweater Tank: Derek Lam // Under Tank: some boutique in Paris (similar) // Black skinnies: Target // 
Boots: Charlotte Russe (similar)

It was fun to try out someone else's style for an afternoon!  How about you, any looks that you've tried out lately, that weren't exactly your own, but you liked anyway?  Please share!