Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sweater Cape

This is my favorite, most comfortable, Aztec sweater!  I styled it once here as well.  As I said in that post, I was going to be wearing it a lot.  And I did, basically the whole winter I had this bad boy on.  It is made of one of those boarder line sweatshirt/ sweater materials, which is the best kind of sweater.  I am taking a nod from Nicole Richie and wearing it as a cape.  There, now I don't have to buy a cape... though I kinda still want to.  Dang it!

Sun Glasses: Posh Nashville  //  Sweater: Ecote Urban Outfitters (similar Ecote)  //  
White Button up: Gap  //  Belt: American Eagle  //  Wide Jeans: Forever 21  

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Not so Black & White

I was on the hunt for a white cut- out shirt since last July, as you can see from my White Hot American Summer post.  Eventually I did find one that I liked but then never got to show it because it  got too cold!  Well, I busted it out for my "This is what I would've warn to go out for my birthday, if it wouldn't have been a snow day every single day that week."  It was too cold to do photos for the blog outside, so the hubby and I got creative.  Thanks for moving all the furniture boo boo, you're the best! ;)

Nail Polish: Hottub Urban Outfitters  //  Bracelet: Charming Charlie 

Panama Hat: Urban Outfitters //  Cut-Out Top: Asos (similar)  //  Black Skinnies: Target  // 
Thigh High Boots: Jennifer Lopez (similar)