Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Victoria's Secret Model- Lily Aldridge & moi.

This weekend was the bomb!  Yes I just said that, because it was.  David and I were at Music City Eats, a new foodie festival that was a collaboration of The Kings of Leon drummer Nathan FollowellChef Tim Love and Jason Waxman.  Basically, there were lots of musicians & celebrity chefs making awesome little dishes, speaking on panels, doing book signings, mingling & walking around Public Square.  How very Nashville.  That part of the festival was two days, going on Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday night was a Tribute to Tom Petty (though Petty himself was not there) with various musicians (such as Nora Jones,  Cyle Barnes of The Weeks, Trisha Yearwood, Karen Elson, and hosts Kings of Leon) performing his songs.

Mingling with Victoria's Secret Super Star, Lily Aldridge (who is so sweet)
She is married to lead singer Caleb of KOL.  It was definitely a Kings of Leon family affair as their little babies and model wives/gfs were abound and out in full force.  Not to mention all of their cousins & 2nd cousins probably working the festival.  Too many KOL look-alikes makes my head spin.  

 Photo of her full outfit

1. Chef Aarón Sánchez.  2. Smoked Quail Eggs with bacon crust & avocado vinegar sauce. 
3. Chef Giada De Laurentiis & Chef Michael Symon food panel.  

into the night time

Video clip curtisy of Allison McLeish, thanks lovely! 

I just happened to be chillin outside where the musicians were hanging on the street inbetween performances because apparently the backstage was too small.  Again with the whole KOL clan & various others- including lead vocalist from Lady Antebellum Charles Kelley.  He was actually pretty excited to take a pic with us- so nice!  

Lily Aldridge & Caleb Followill, (Saturday Outfits)

Baby Dixie Pearl, in tow both days.  Very cute.

 David and me snapping a photo op with Chef Michael Symon, who is as nice & funny in person as he is on his hit ABC cooking show- The Chew

 Chef Michael Symon's cooking demo later that afternoon.

 I witnessed first hand, festival goers offering to pay $300.00 for just one more DJ Mel song. 
Thx for the great beats that kept Public Square partying the whole weekend!
And sorry you got BBQ sauce on all your records DJ Mel!  I bet they were delicious. ;)

Monday, September 23, 2013

Light as a Feather Leather

Still a bit too hot around these parts to be donning leather pieces.  The evenings have cooled off a little, making it possible to wear this great light weight leather jacket without sweating (haha, kinda).  I'm sorry I can't say exactly the store I purchased it from (some little shop on Melrose when we were living in L.A.)  However I'm certainly glad I picked it up that day because it is my go to transitional piece.  Throw it over anything for a little edge.  But my utmost favorite thing from this outfit are the leather fringe booties!  I feel like a little pony in a parade clopping around in them.  Ahh, love 'em!  Too much fun!

Leather Jacket: Melrose St. Boutique (similar) // White Blouse: Forever 21(similar)
// High Low Skirt: Express (similar) (similar)

Fun Fringe Booties: Nine West/ Boutique Nine

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Guest Post on More Pieces of Me!

Hello everyone!  I'm so excited today because this is the day that I am going to be featured in my first Guest Post!  That's right, Patti Cake was a little newbie blog, and now it's growing up so fast right before our eyes.  Tear.  The wonderful woman who asked me to embark on this venture was the lovely Carylee from More Pieces of Me.  Oh, and once you visit her, guaranteed you'll want more!  I sure did, which is why we are now, what I like to call bloggie besties!  So head on over to More Pieces of Me for a little piece of me. -Ha

A little Carylee with a dash of me!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Did you say Hats or Cats?

There is no denying that my favorite hat to don this summer has been my big floppy one that is from Target by Merona.  Originally purchased with the thought on wearing it in Paris here, and then dismayed when I could not fit it into a luggage bag without completely smushing it, this hat still made many appearances throughout the season.  And as for the cats, well aren't they just adorable?

Sun Hat: Target

meet Miss Mya 

and Monsieur Pierre

And yes this is a double decker Cat Stroller.  

Mya and Pierre love walks, just as much as our dog Rudy.  If you take Rudy for a walk without the other two, be prepared to catch grief when you return home and even a little bit of the ole kitty cold shoulder.  I have cats on the brain as my sister just purchased two kittens, and as we are states away, I have yet to hold them!  It's driving me bonkers, but hopefully we can kitty skype tonight!  She named them Leo and Lola, awe!  How cute!!!

What are your favorite pet names?

Friday, September 6, 2013

Sweet Redemption with Chris Carmack!

Do you remember the little brush with celebrity that my friend Rachel and I had with Clare Bowen in this post? Spotted: Hayden Panettiere & Clare Bowen They are the stars of ABC's hit show Nashville.  Well after that debacle of giggles and shyness we made a pact that the next celebrity we saw we were not going to let them slip past our lens!  Yes, Rachel and I were were bound and determined to be ourselves (as in not get all nervous and weird) and snap a pic.  Opportunity knocked when we were out and about with some of our visiting Wisconsinite friends.  (linking with Friday's Fab Favorites & Passion for Fashion)

Hello camera, meet Chris Carmack.  Currently playing Will on Nashville, you also might remember him as Marisa's first boyfriend from the O.C.  
(yes I am going there)

Wisconsin Friends

So, we finally did it.  And aside from my Wallace and Gromit smile that I get every time I am around some one famous, I think that the pic turned out okay.  And Chris was pleasant, despite the fact that we honed in on him like moths to a flame.  

Now I'll just have to work on not being so Wallace and Gromit-y.  
"Would you like some Cheese Gromit?"  

Until next time, celebs.  Rachel and I are watching and at the ready.

Have you had any brushes with fame?  If so, do tell!  

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Monday, September 2, 2013

Feed the Fairies

The lovely Shannon at Shannon Hearts had a giveaway for an Anthropologie gift card.  Luckily- I won, and here be the spoils!  Just in time for our anniversary celebration I found the perfect, lacy, romantic dress.  Anthropologie rarely let's me down.  This dress is great for wandering around Nashville on a hot steamy night, or for attending Shakespeare in the Park- a Midsummer Night's Dream.  (Which we did and it was fabulous!  Highly recommended to anyone living in the Nashville area.)

(my little sugar plum)

He's my Lobster.

Food for the Fairies
Right before the show was about to start!

It was great to see the play in it's element where the fairies were able to flit around and interact with the audience.  My favorite part was getting to feed them- they sure love Kettle Corn!  Amongst glowing fire flies and a soft warm breeze it certainly was a magical evening.  

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