Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Be Bold. Go Gold.

I used to be a silver girl.  All through the 90's I wore my spoon rings, bracelets and dainty silver necklaces like they were going out of style.  Guess what, they kinda were.  I even remember having a conversation with my mom about how much I adored silver jewelry, and didn't understand who would choose gold?  She told me that when I was older, I would want gold.  I laughingly swore up and down that I would never!  I also claimed that I would never wear any other style of pants other than flared... (wrote the woman wearing tapered skinnies) ahem.  What can I say?  One's style evolves, develops, and changes.  Never be afraid to go back on your teenage declarations.  Be bold, go gold.  Also linking up with the Trend Spin Link UP for Winter White!

Necklace: Ily Couture

Sunnies:  Kate Spade

Pave Link Bracelet: Gifted, Sequins & Tulle (similar here, here) // Gold link Bracelet: JCP (similar) // Gold Starfish & Infinity Bracelets: Gifted (similar here here,) // Lock & Key Bracelet: Fossil 

Sweater: Macy's // Cropped Skinnies: Express // Booties: Urban Outfitters 
Sunnies: Kate Spade // Necklace: Ily Couture // Belt: Guess (similar)

*My mom keeps me styling with awesome eyewear, and she can assist you too if you live in the Milwaukee area.  Stop by Ophthalmology Associates and ask for Lori!  For more metallic looks check out: Gold and Black Metallic Attack

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Special thanks to Elle & Jacqueline for asking me to co-host the Spotlight Weekly!

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  1. adorable sunnies! i used to be the same with silver...and now all i want is gold! maybe it's part of growing up and maturing tastes. moms know everything.


  2. love this outfit! Those sunglasses are fabulous :)


  3. The sunnies, I die!
    And I too was a silver freak. And nowadays I know I reach for gold way more than silver! Whoda thunk!

    1. PS I'm so so happy to see you as a co-host!
      Now that I can peel myself away from just drooling over the sunnies, I wanted to say that the rest of the outfit is just as amazing! I love the winter whites with the taupe booties! I need to do this!

  4. Bonito look, el collar es precioso. Besos, si quieres nos seguimos

  5. Not just the gold but that winter white! You are killing it. Can I just say that second pic looks like a Lana Del Ray album cover? Terrifyingly fabulous!

    1. Oh my gosh, thanks so much! I love Lana! Your kind words just made my day!

    2. And, …why isn't your blog showing up anymore?

  6. You look amazing ;)
    Great post and bllog!!
    Anyway, would you be interested to follow each other?? Do let me know [:

  7. Me too! I never thought I'd like gold. LOL. That is a really lovely statement necklace.

  8. Wow, gorgeous look! I love the necklace!
    you have a new follower! :)


    1. Thank You! Yes it's one of my faves too! I have it three different colors, perhaps I went a bit overboard? haha

      Headed over way!

  9. Dropping by from Stylish Tuesday! I used to be a silver only girl too, but have also embraced gold recently! Love your bracelets.

    <3 Vicki

  10. Those sunglasses are pretty amazing! And your nails! I am always in awe! I was always a silver-only person until last year when I started dabbling in rose gold. Now I've decided to be an equal opportunity metal-employer. Because...why not? ~Gina~
    On the Daily Express

  11. great outfit! I used to haaaaate gold too and now I seriously can't get enough gold stuff in my life haha.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  12. Lovely outfit, im blown away with your necklace,its just so beautiful. I followed you via GFC, i hope you'll do the same.


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  14. So many cute gold touches in your outfit! I like to mix gold and silver sometimes, but I'll always be a silver girl at heart :)

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! :)

    Away From Blue

  15. I have definitely warmed up to gold in the past few years. I still like silver on occasion though! Those are great sunglasses!!

  16. Love all of the winter white neutrals together and the little touches of gold are perfect. Nicely done!

  17. This is literally the best winter white outfit I have seen! I love all your pops of gold and cute tan booties! Thanks for linking up with Stylish Tuesday!

    xo, Paige

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