Friday, April 12, 2013

Filing Cabinet Face Lift!

 Filing cabinets are expensive, and usually ugly.  I had no idea until I was in the market for one that they can cost upwards of $80.00, if you don't want to opt for the plastic caboodle kind.  Luckily we scooped this lovely wooden one up from family members that were no longer using it (thanks Heidi & Gagi) and with an easy facelift it is now my favorite piece in the room!

First I sanded the outside.  Then painted the whole cabinet white.  After it had dried, for at least 24 hrs, I lightly sanded the white paint as well, to make the finish super smooth.  Then chevron away!  Painters tape works best for creating which ever design you choose.  Make sure to smooth the edges of the tape so that none of your paint bleeds past the design.  I used acrylic paint to paint my design.  

 I was measuring the tape out as I went along, but just be sure to preplan and use a ruler to make sure your design is crisp & straight.  If you aspire to be a perfectionist now is the time with this project.  I probably did 3-4 coats of blue acrylic paint before I got my desired shade.  It still wasn't perfect, but I feel satisfied whenever I look at it.  I put the little gold hinges back on, and we were ready to file!  

Now the only problem was, I loved it so much, I wanted it everywhere!  

Wow can that cabinet work it or what!?!  What DIY's or Upcycles have you tried lately?

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  1. This is awesome! I'm so glad I found your blog. I've been dragging my feet on refinishing a bookshelf and this got me excited to do it! I look forward to following your blog! Feel free to stop by:

  2. Thanks Breanne! I'm glad you like it, when you do your bookshelf please let me know! I would love to see some pics!

  3. So, so darling! What a fabulous idea.

    Lauren xx

  4. I love this file cabinet - the chevron just pops... found you through Sew Much Crafting - Pinterest Party....
    Pinned this to Pinterest....

  5. I'm loving your take on this file cabinet of yours! The chevrons look super cool! Though I'm curious about the shade of blue you used. Is that Prussian Blue? Maybe I'll repaint my file cabinet with chevrons too!

    Ruby @ Williams Data Management